About Johnny's


Johnny's serves real New York style pizza to pizza lovers with a discriminating pizza palate. It is the concept of owner Johnny Younesi, a New York transplant who now resides in Newport Beach, California. Recognizing that there was no true New York style pizza in the Newport Beach area, Johnny set out on a mission to bring Orange County residents the pizza of his childhood. He has paired the pizza with another favorite of his youth, Italian Ice. Johnny's dough is baked fresh and uses a high protein flour to get just the right thin crispiness of the New York pie. Johnny's tested cheeses and tweaked its sauce until it achieved just the right combination of butter fat in the cheese and zest from its tomato sauce that entitles it to call its pizzas Real New York Pizza. At Johnny's, we are keeping it real and simple. We serve a handful of special pizzas tailored specifially to the East Coast idea of pizza.

If you have a hankering for something specific, we offer a number of toppings you can add to your 12" or 20" pie. The crowning glory of Johnny's is the Real New York Italian ices. We will always serve the traditional chocolate, lemon and cherry. Each month, we will have an additional featured flavor to sample.